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As a REALTOR I tithe 10% of EVERY commission I receive to non-profit organizations. AFTER a transaction closes, and I have been paid my commission, I present my clients with a list of non-profits I like to support. They can then choose a non-profit from the list or I can make the selection for them. 


All employees and volunteers of non-profit organizations, Firefighters, EMS, Law Enforcement, Military (Active, Reserve & Veterans), Healthcare Professionals and Teachers who become my clients and close a real estate transaction with me, will receive a special credit at closing. Those purchasing or selling a home of up to $500,000 will receive a $500 credit, while those buying or selling a home above $500,000 will receive a $1000 credit.


I offer a moving truck, free of charge, to both my clients and non-profit partners.

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Brian Sousa Homes

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You are unique and deserve to have a real estate advisor who understands this and can best meet your needs and wants. Just as you and your situation are unique, so is your home, which reflects you and your lifestyle. Our handpicked and professionally produced marketing techniques are chosen to set your home apart and get your home sold quickly and efficiently.

Since an early age, I can remember my parents saying, “treat others the way you want to be treated”. This has been a guiding principle in my life and now is the core of how Brian Sousa Homes operates. We will: actively listen to your wants and needs, set expectations from the beginning (so there are no surprises), offer our professional advice, consult with you on all options available, and strive to offer you the results you need and want. We work with you, for you, and in your best interest.

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Meet Brian Sousa

Brian Dean Sousa was born and raised in the seaside town of New Bedford, Massachusetts. Having lived among quaint New England towns such as Mattapoisett, Marion, and Padanaram Village, he enjoys fishing and quahogging with family and friends. You could also find him biking through Martha’s Vineyard, Cape Cod, and Westport, among others. When he isn’t quahogging, fishing, or biking, he would be hard at work in his family’s bountiful apple orchard and vegetable garden while maintaining the best-looking grass in the neighborhood—depending on who you asked.

Brian has been interested in music since a very young age; his first career was in church music. He tried his hand at the recorder, alto sax, piano, singing, pipe organ, cello, guitar, and various other instruments. In high school, Brian volunteered to play the pipe organ at his home church, even though he didn’t know how to play it. Brian picked it up as he went along and was lucky enough to have an amazing teacher named Raymond Whalon, who was also a pipe organ builder. After attending The University of Massachusetts Dartmouth for two years, he attended Westminster Choir College in Princeton, NJ, and graduated with a degree in Sacred Music and Organ. After graduating in 2006, he moved to Charlottesville, Virginia. In 2008, Brian attended James Madison University in Harrisonburg, Virginia, and obtained his master’s degree in Choral Conducting. He is the founder and artistic director of Musica Sacra Virginia and The Children’s Choir of Central Virginia.

Brian enjoys spending time with his children, Lionardo, Jorge, and Vivian, and his amazingly supportive, friendly, and beautiful wife, Narumi. He and his family live adjacent to Blandemar Estates with their dog, Bach. He enjoys the local wine, beer, and distillery industry and is regularly learning more about the craft of winemaking, brewing, and distilling. He also enjoys woodworking and has a great thirst for knowledge—Brian considers himself a student for life.

Brian is a licensed Real Estate Agent in Virginia and is the Founder and CEO of Brian Sousa Homes, which is based out of Keller Williams Alliance in Charlottesville. Having been taught to treat others as he would want to be treated, he handles all transactions with the utmost care and attention. Whether his clients are seeking to buy or sell a farm, luxury estate, or residential property, he offers the same white glove service he would want for himself. Living locally in Charlottesville since 2006, he has firsthand knowledge of local vendors, businesses, and neighborhoods. Because philanthropy is important to him, he donates a percentage of every commission to the non-profit organizations he feels represent him, and his values. Additionally, he offers a moving truck, FREE of charge, to those non-profits and his clients.  Brian looks forward to learning all about you and your real estate needs and wants. He hopes to earn your trust and become your preferred real estate advisor.

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